Summit on Homelessness - Join us October 9, 2019!

Allegan Homeless Solutions held a Summit on Homelessness in both 2017 & 2018.  Both years included a Poverty Simulation in which the attendees, comprised of human service workers and community members, took on the role of someone living in poverty.  This experience allows individuals to feel, first hand, the stress, anxiety, and panic those living in poverty feel every day.  They spend one hour, with every fifteen minutes representing a week, trying to pay their bills, maintain a job and feed their children with little income and limited transportation.  Our hope is that the attendees not only gain knowledge and respect for those living in poverty, but they find the same drive Allegan Homeless Solutions has to create change.

“It was an interesting day. I was surprised at the outcome.”

"It was a great reminder not to judge the clients I serve and to have a better of understanding of what is going on in their lives.”

"The lives of those living in poverty are very stressful and that could explain some of the behavior that they are often judged on.”

Group of community members attending the 2018 Summit on Homelessness

Dr. Katie Reck of Central Michigan University, leads the simulation debriefing.


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Homelessness Awareness Week November 16-24

On a typical night, more than 590,000 Americans are homeless.

Can you go one, two days or even a whole week without your usual cup of Joe, pillow at night or eating out? Whether you go without for one day or the whole week, we want to see your support for the homeless. Post your photos using #IWENTWITHOUT and #AHSOLUTIONS

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